About us

More than 130 years of experience in development and engineering woodchippers

Jensen was established in 1884 by Peter Jensen. Since then the production and development of machines and woodchippers took place in a little village called Maasbüll in the very north of Germany near the city of Flensburg. In the beginning Peter Jensen built agricultural machines and special machines for local authorities to maintain the public areas. Another division was to build and develop machines for the furniture industrie. The first woodchipper developed by Peter Jensen „Marke Angeln“ became already after the first years of the company the main product.

With more than 130 years of experience in production of woodchippers Jensen is market leader in Germany. The company has about 85 employees. At the German local authorities Jensen is an important part of the machinery. Also at contractors and forest companies, tree nurseries and railway companies Jensen woodchippers are in demand.

Export is a very important department in the Jensen company. In most of the European countries Jensen has a dealer. These dealers are commited to Jensen and have lots of experience in servicing and delivering the Jensen product. The lat few years export has grown and this manifested in sales in Russia, Japan and even New Zealand.

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